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Mother’s Day

Tracy Bradshaw

Quite soon a day will be here
Never thought I’d dread
A day that I held so dear
And loved what you said,You granted the sweet title
Which meant the world to me
Purpose that made me vital
A sought reality,

Responsibility and joy
Full of love and grace
A blessed little baby boy
Smile on your face,

From the depths of my own core
Snuggled in each bone
Mommy loved you more and more
Proud how you had grown,

I never in any dream
Had when you were young
Thought this special loving team
Shortly would be one,

If I’d chosen one to stay
It would have been you
But I didn’t have a say
When, where, what, or who,

That special day of your birth
Thoroughly rooted
Our cozy home here on earth
Sadly intruded,

This team is now one left here
Bereaved is the mom
But the spirit held so dear
Helps to keep things calm,

Please send me a little sign
To assure me now
My heart says you’re always mine
Could you show me how?

This upcoming Mother’s Day
I’ll try to ponder
Memories of the month of May
Where hearts and spirits wander.

Sawyer’s Mom
Tracy Bradshaw

Surviving Mothers Day One Breath At A Time

Mary Beth Cichocki

Mothers Day.  Those two words once brought happy memories of cards and flowers, crabs and beer. My family gathered together to celebrate motherhood.  Three generations laughing and loving. Sharing the memories of childhood, then teen years that became adult years  changing our families women into mothers. Every year we gathered together at my house.   A beautiful family tradition.  Grandmothers, Aunts, Mother in Law, sister, sons and daughter.  To celebrate family and love.  This year Mother’s Day grabs my heart and shatters it like glass.  Broken in too many pieces to ever be repaired.  Our family forever changed by addiction.  A beautiful family tradition now missing a very large presence.


Surviving the Holidays: A Grieving Mom’s Point of View

Mary Beth Cichocki

The holidays.  Those two words used to bring such joy to my heart and plans to my head.  I would head to the store with my list and always ended up with more than I bargained for.  I would envision the day.  The table, the turkey, family, and friends all together and celebrating our blessings.  We started in the dining room but always ended up in the kitchen.  Pouring more wine, picking on leftovers, and laughing about how much we ate.  Three generations gathered under one roof.  Even the pups shared in the spirit of the day.   Lying under the table knowing which human was tender-hearted, slyly dropping pieces of turkey into their waiting mouths.


Anniversary Remembrance

Lee Ann Christ

Christ-Anniversary Remembrance2Brian died on the 15th of December,11 years ago of a heroin overdose. Heaven heard my scream of agony that morning. A week later the tsunami of 2004 hit Indonesia. Seeing a photo of a woman lying prostrate on the beach in anguish over her loss, I knew and shared her grief. It was palpable. The world became a very small place.


Another New Year

julie mcgregor

Julie McGregor

Originally published in Listening Hearts Newsletter Jan-Feb 2012

Another Christmas with all the activities had come and gone, and once again my husband Roy and I celebrated New Year’s Eve with good friends. We were in a room full of people, all happy and laughing, making their New Year resolutions.

I wondered what sad stories may be hiding behind some of the faces in the room, as people put on their mask once again, so the world doesn’t see their pain. I know for certain one friend at our table hides the deep pain of a son’s suicide, many years ago, in a time when such things were hushed up and rarely spoken of since. We only found out when we lost our son Joel, four and a half years ago, and then it was through the wife of his second marriage. We had known this friend for four years, and were shocked, and while we knew he felt our deep pain, sadly he still couldn’t bring himself to speak of it.

another new year collage of bereaved mother and son
another new year collage of bereaved mother and son