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Drumsticks in the Sky


Amparo Atencio

As I was making my bed this morning, I noticed my customary sign that I call my shout-outs from Tony: crossed drumsticks, symbolizing the passion of my Funky Drummer. I climbed on my bed with my camera to find the best vantage point through the small window for a photograph. Several shots included the window frame; others included telephone wires. I was frustrated with myself when it dawned on me that the easiest solution was to simply step outside onto my front stoop!


I see you in every picture…

julie mcgregor

Julie McGregor

The first two months after Joel, my 18 year old son died, I spent most days sitting on the couch staring at the television. I came across a show about people getting tattoos for lots of reasons, including memorial tattoos. As I watched the show regularly, the thought formulated in my mind that I would like to get one eventually as a memorial for Joel.


The Prayer of St. Francis

Mike and Anne Dionne on Parents Day at Paris Island

Anne Dionne

My son was a very active toddler. It was difficult to sit with him and read, so at bedtime we would often lie in his bed together and sing. One of our favorite songs was “The Rainbow Connection.” The other was a hymn that I learned at my church, The Prayer of St. Francis (Make Me a Channel of Your Peace). Every night I would sing these two songs to Michael, and he would quietly settle down to sleep.