My Walking Suit

Tracy Bradshaw

I visited my friend today
Curled up in a small shape
Under a quilt in his bed

He spoke of a time drawing near
And a birthday he wants to celebrate
Exactly three long weeks away

He said arrangements were all made
In preparation for his departure
From this earthly journey

Then he mentioned a poem
The lines were jumbled in his head
Though he’d like to get those thoughts sorted

He grinned, “I’m Wearing My Walking Suit.”
The room was silent
Except for his “Walking Suit”

The words echoed in my ears
And tears filled my eyes
As I realized what “Walking Suit” implied

He would soon be walking away
From his home on earth
And his family and friends

No more cancer
No sickness from treatments
No pain

Rather entering a spiritual realm
Which I know so little about
And won’t pretend that I do

I asked him to send me a heart
Then I would know he was okay
And still be close by

He smiled with dry lips
There was a pause and he replied
He would do that first

I didn’t ask him to find Sawyer
I didn’t ask him to hug him for me
Selfishly I wanted to send a message

Maybe it works that way
Maybe he could tell Sawyer my words
Maybe he could hold him for me

Instead I asked Sawyer
To greet our friend, Big Al
And help him find his way.

 –Tracy Bradshaw, Sawyer’s Mom and Big Al’s Friend

Upcoming Events: Morristown News

Morristown is moving to a monthly schedule, starting in the new year! We think gathering on a monthly basis will help us continue to form bonds and offer compassionate understanding throughout our grief journey. Stay tuned for information about a new gathering location! Watch your email Inbox and Facebook posts for more news.

  • Second Saturdays, from 10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
  • Beginning January 14, 2017

A Listening Heart

by David Arnold

When a woman gives birth, her heart grows in every way.
As her children grow, she prays to keep them from harm,
In hopes they will grow strong.

One day, there comes a knock on the door.
The worst nightmare, as she falls to the floor.
She is given news of the child that she bore.
Who was found, living no more.
Her heart gives out,
As she starts to shout,
“What will I do?
I can’t live without you!”
As the days grow longer,
The nightmares get stronger.
She finds herself not wanting to live any longer.

Then comes a friend,
Who says, “Let me lend you a hand.
I want you to meet other mothers like you,
Who do not know what to do.”

These mothers, they meet
To find answers they seek.
They find a new friend.
Whose heart is broken like them.
Who listen with understanding and compassion,
To every word that she is passing.
For they too,
Are hurting like you.
Needing a new heart,
Asking, “Where do I start?”

Listen! Do you hear that beat?
It’s other mothers, at your feet.
Greeting you, with kisses on your cheek.
Other mothers, who have lost their child’s hearts too.
And they now welcome you.

A bond that only a Listening Hearts mom can hear.
My dear, you are welcomed here.

Listening Hearts
Where moms find others in similar struggles.
A bereaved heart
That is missing a beat from losing a child.

Past Events

December was a busy month for Listening Hearts, starting with our first ever #GivingTuesday #GivingHope fundraising campaign. It was a resounding success, thanks to all the generous donations that poured in all month long!

Our Courage of the Heart Remembrance Tree continues to stand tall at the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame. Moms and families can hang an ornament in memory of their beloved children until Jan. 8. We received much community support during the tree lighting on Dec. 3.

The annual Candle Light Ceremony was well attended, as moms and families shone a light for our children, gone too soon. Everyone enjoyed refreshments, a Silly Santa gift exchange, and specially decorated stockings from the Listening Hearts kids!