Because we cannot change that which is out of our control, we support each other through the devastating and life-altering loss of our children. We are mothers who have lost infants, young children, teenagers, and adults. We remember them and honor their memories, regardless of the length of time since their death. We will hold them in our hearts, forever, for love never dies.

Gone, but never forgotten.

This list represents the children of Listening Hearts moms who have granted permission to publish their child’s photo album. Bereaved moms can request a new photo album or add photos to an existing album by sending an e-mail to listeningheartsmoms@gmail.com.

Clint Reagan
Courteney Kaliszewski
Danny Pedro
Devin Gorman
Dreyson Stewart
Eric James Hurst
Gordon Robertson, Jr.
Joseph Bowling
Joshua Humphreys
Kari Kalgren
Kim Tisdale
Lisa Fine
Marty Short
Matthew “Logan” Perry
Sawyer Webb
Sloane Comeaux
Stacy Hill
Stephen Walls
Tanner Lee Jameson
Tony Phillips
Wade Buchanan
MacKenzie Brady