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Alan and I made a trip to the same beach where we had taken many family vacations with our sons.  On the third day while we were sitting and gazing upon the waves hitting the beach, I became filled with thoughts of our deceased son, Clint.  I didn’t say anything to Alan about my thoughts, but I did ask him if he ever wished we could turn back time.

As the tears settled into the corners of my eyes, I made my silent plea for signs of a continued connection.  In the past, I often asked for hearts.  I whispered under my breathe this time I wanted something spectacular, rare, and something we would not expect to see.

Twenty minutes later, Alan and I set off for our usual evening walk along the shoreline.  In the distance, a lady caught my eye.  This person was walking towards the ocean as though she was protecting something we could not make out.  She was holding out her arms as to warn any passersby to take caution.

We got closer and noticed the lady was protecting a baby sea turtle making its first trip from the nest to the ocean.  I could not believe my eyes.  I was amazed my request had results so quickly.

The turtle’s protector shared with us her personal experience with the turtles as a local resident.  She went on to comment on the rarity of the moment.  As she spoke, I had trouble paying attention to what she was saying because I was thinking to myself how quickly this precious sign had been sent.  I chuckled inside imagining Clint scolding me in a playful manner and telling me I should never forget that he is always with me.

sea turtle


I did not ask for any more signs while on this trip, but the next night I got a bonus one.  We were again walking along the same shore at about the same time and came across the following words scratched in the sand.  “Hi, Moma”.  Enough said!

sandy beach shore

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  1. Wow! I love this! More touching than the sign itself I found the scolding from Clint, as I imagined Sawyer has wanted to do this over and over and over.

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