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Hit Over the Head

Tracy Bradshaw

My husband, Alan, came home from the dentist. He had his teeth cleaned. He proceeded to tell me that the young girl working with him mentioned that she went to school with Sawyer. She went on to say that Sawyer was a nice guy and fun to hang around.


Another New Year

julie mcgregor

Julie McGregor

Originally published in Listening Hearts Newsletter Jan-Feb 2012

Another Christmas with all the activities had come and gone, and once again my husband Roy and I celebrated New Year’s Eve with good friends. We were in a room full of people, all happy and laughing, making their New Year resolutions.

I wondered what sad stories may be hiding behind some of the faces in the room, as people put on their mask once again, so the world doesn’t see their pain. I know for certain one friend at our table hides the deep pain of a son’s suicide, many years ago, in a time when such things were hushed up and rarely spoken of since. We only found out when we lost our son Joel, four and a half years ago, and then it was through the wife of his second marriage. We had known this friend for four years, and were shocked, and while we knew he felt our deep pain, sadly he still couldn’t bring himself to speak of it.

another new year collage of bereaved mother and son
another new year collage of bereaved mother and son