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An Anniversary Happening

julie mcgregor

Julie McGregor

Bereaved mother with a butterfly on her shoulder as a signLast week was my son Joel’s 5th anniversary and we had a small gathering of family and friends at the private memorial garden where Joel was laid to rest. We included a butterfly release as part of the day and it was wonderful. We released 12 butterflies and while most flew off straight away, a couple stayed around on the bushes and one stayed on the box I was holding for a long time.


Baby, Can You See Me?

mom and son in front of mountains

Amparo Atencio

This article was originally published in “We Need Not Walk Alone,” the national magazine of The Compassionate Friends.

The culmination of all the training runs…the throng of like-minded people…the crack of the starting pistol…ah, race day jitters! Nothing could motivate me more than the start of a 5K, 10K, half-marathon, or triathlon back in the day. That was then. Back then, I never looked up. I never noticed the blueness of the sky. I never noticed the vastness of the stars. I never paid attention to the sun rise. I never saw the craters of the moon. That was then. (more…)