Sacha Cueto

mother and sonI was asked to write a story about my personal grief journey.  It took me a while because I realized this is not something I openly discuss with people other than my husband/best friend who is riding this same roller coaster with me.  An emotion I often push down inside of me on most days.  Perhaps sharing my story will help others who are on this same journey.  After all, everyone in life will experience grief in their lifetime.  It is inevitable, though it’s not easy – parents die, grandparents die, but kids….your kids are not supposed to die before you.  That is not the natural order.  The grief experienced by the loss of your child, the loss of their future, the loss of your life plans you had for your family, is a very, very different kind of loss, one that cannot be compared to any other loss.  I have chosen to share my story and my journey (so far) with you.